Sprint 1kg (Code: 42502)


A classic for bream fishing in ponds. Sprint is a light yellow, fast-acting feed with a pleasant smell and taste of cookies and vanilla. It is rather fine structure and so light that feed balls float when it's wrong mixed or moistened. This is best done in three times with 0,65 liters of water and a swelling time of 30 minutes. Sieve the bait after each operation to achieve a homogeneous mass By sieving you get a very active baits that once thrown in the water it spreads horizontal track. Excellent for bream fishing in ponds or muddy bottom.

  • EAN13: 3297830425029
Manufacturer: Mondial-F
Price: EUR 3,56
Incl. 6 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 1 Kg
Basic price: EUR 3,56 / Kg
Species: Bream, Carp
Food value: Medium
Adhesiveness: Medium
Density: Low
EAN13: 3297830425029
Color: Yellow