SL3205 - Runner Bean Prijswinner (Dutch Red) (Code: SL3205)


A highly decorative, red blooming variety that produces approx. 27-cm long, fairly narrow, fleshy, green beans with purplish red, black striped seeds. Harvest very young, otherwise a membrane and string forms. Use as snap bean. Has good resistance to the cold. For an early harvest sow in a greenhouse or pre-sow in pots. Beans thrive in the warmth. Too much wind and particularly night frost can be very harmful. Sow or transplant after mid May in the garden. Erect poles in a roof shape, and sow approx. 5 seeds next to each pole. Later guide the plants upwards.

Manufacturer: Sluis Garden
from 5 Piece EUR 3,99 / Piece
Price: EUR 4,20
Incl. 6 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0,1 Kg
Latin name: Phaseolus coccineus
Sow indoor: March, April, May
Sow outdoor: May, June, July
Flowering / Harvest: June, July, August, September, October
Storage: Good for freezer
Row width (cm): 40
Depth sowing (cm): 1
Sowing temperature (°C): 18
Days to germinate (days): 14
EAN13: 8711441132053
Color: Green