SL2185 - Thyme French Summer, Garden Thyme (Thymus vulg.) (Code: SL2185)


Garden Thyme blooms in subsequent years in May and June with lilac or pink, sometimes white flowers. Thyme has a warming effect, is very aromatic and promotes the digestion of food. Leaves and branches can be stewed along with meat dishes and cooked with heavy vegetables. Dried thyme retains its strong aroma. Prefers a sunny, dry and calcareous spot. Garden Thyme is vulnerable to frost, so cover in winter.

Manufacturer: Sluis Garden
from 5 Piece EUR 1,62 / Piece
Price: EUR 1,70
Incl. 6 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0,0002 Kg
Latin name: Thymus vulgaris
Sow indoor: March, April, May
Sow outdoor: May, June, July
Flowering / Harvest: June, July, August, September
Storage: Good for freezer
Row width (cm): 25
Depth sowing (cm): 0,1
Growth height (cm): 25
Sowing temperature (°C): 19
Days to germinate (days): 18
Number of seeds: 1000
EAN13: 8711441121859
Color: White, Green, Pink, Purple