SL2125 - Mustard, yellow / white (Sinapis alba) (Code: SL2125)


White or Yellow mustard (blooms with yellow flowers) is often used as a green manure crop, but can also be used to harvest mustard seeds or as a sprout vegetable (entire year). Nice on sandwiches or in salads. Is part of the crucifer family and as a green manure crop can produce large amounts of organic matter in a short time. Often used on soil that is available late. After flowering mow well and work into the soil. Few soil requirements, although prefers soil that is not too acidic.

Manufacturer: Sluis Garden
from 5 Piece EUR 2,09 / Piece
Price: EUR 2,20
Incl. 6 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0,007 Kg
Latin name: Sinapis alba
Sow indoor: April, May
Sow outdoor: May, June, July, August
Flowering / Harvest: July, August, September, October, November
Row width (cm): 15
Depth sowing (cm): 0,5
Growth height (cm): 50
Sowing temperature (°C): 14
Days to germinate (days): 10
Number of seeds: 1000
EAN13: 8711441121255
Color: White, Yellow, Green