SL2040 - Chives Chinese, Garlic chives (Allium tuberosum) (Code: SL2040)


Chinese chives have grassy, flat leaves with attractive white flowers. They have a mild garlic taste, and can be used as garlic substitute. Can be cooked in dishes, which is not possible with common chives. Sow in a greenhouse and as soon as they can be handled, transplant to final spot. Grows slowly. Plant in limy, well fertilized, moist soil. Can grow in both shaded and sunny areas. Also excellent in pots.

Manufacturer: Sluis Garden
from 5 Piece EUR 1,62 / Piece
Price: EUR 1,70
Incl. 6 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0,0008 Kg
Latin name: Allium tuberosum
Sow indoor: February, March, April
Sow outdoor: April, May, June
Flowering / Harvest: July, August, September, October
Storage: Good for freezer
Row width (cm): 25
Depth sowing (cm): 0,5
Growth height (cm): 50
Sowing temperature (°C): 18
Days to germinate (days): 18
Number of seeds: 220
EAN13: 8711441120401
Color: Green