SL0600 - Eggplant Listada de Gandia (Code: SL0600)


One of the most attractive two-coloured, Italian egg plants. Selected for earliness. The fruits become 15 cm long and have wonderful lavender-coloured stripes. Requires plenty of warmth and so needs to be cultivated in a greenhouse. Prick out young plants after about 4 weeks, and as soon as the first true leaf appears transplant the plants to large pots of 14 cm. If necessary, later transfer to the ground in an unheated greenhouse. After fructification remove the wilted petals immediately, otherwise the young fruit will perish.

Manufacturer: Sluis Garden
from 5 Piece EUR 2,09 / Piece
Price: EUR 2,20
Incl. 6 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0,0001 Kg
Latin name: Solanum melongena
Sow indoor: February, March, April, May
Flowering / Harvest: June, July, August
Row width (cm): 50
Depth sowing (cm): 0,5
Sowing temperature (°C): 20
Days to germinate (days): 14
Number of seeds: 23
EAN13: 8711441106009
Color: White, Purple