Gloria (Code: Gloria)


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Morphological characteristics


  • medium to short
  • stems spreading, thick to normal with strong to moderate anthocyanin colouration
  • large to medium, dark green to green leaves, half open leaf silhouette
  • little flowering, white flowers
  • very little to no berries


  • long-oval
  • yellow skin
  • yellow meat
  • fairly flat-eyed


  • large to moderately thick cylindrical, strong to moderately reddish purple and weak to very weak hairy
  • medium to small terminal bud with very mild or no anthocyanin colouration
  • moderate to few root tips
Color: Yellow
Pedigree: Amex x Feldeslohn
Maturity: 9: very early, 8: early
Domancy: 5: medium long
Foliage development: 7: fairly good
Skin colour: g: yellow
Flesh colour: 8: yellow
Tuber shape: lo: long-oval
Shallowness of eyes: 7: rather shallow
Tuber Size: 7: large
Yield (mature): 7: good
Dry matter content: 7: good, 6: medium
Cooking type: B: fairly firm
Suitable for: v: fresh consumption
Resistance leaf roll virus: 7: fairly good resistance, 6: moderately resistant
Resistance virus A: 8: good resistance
Resistance virus X: r: resistant
Resistance virus Yn: 8: good resistance
Resistance phytophthora (leaf): 3: very susceptible
Resistance phytophthora (tuber): 6: moderately resistant
Wrat disease (fysio 1): o: resistent
Resistance potato cyst nematode Ro1 pathotype 1 of Globodera rostochiensis : 9: very good resistance
Resistance potato cyst nematode Ro2,3 pathotype 2,3 of Globodera rostochiensis : -: no proven resistance
Resistance potato cyst nematode Pa2 pathotype 2 of Globodera pallida : -: no proven resistance
Resistance potato cyst nematode Pa32 pathotype 3 of Globodera pallida : -: no proven resistance
Resistance common scab: 6: moderately resistant
Resistance internal bruising: 7: fairly good resistance