Alegria (Code: Alegria)


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Variety characteristics


Alegria is an early to mid-early variety, with a very high yield and with good drought resistance. Alegria produces a strong medium-sized plant with white flowers and a fast soil cover. It is intended for the fresh market and suitable for home fries.

To remember

Alegria is an easy to grow variety, even in difficult conditions, with very good sales. It is very suitable for the fresh market & home fries. Alegria has a long storage life with a good dormancy.

Cultivation advice

Soil type

Alegria can be grown on all soil types. Pre-sprouting is not necessary. In terms of weed control we recommend using milder means, but Alegria is not sensitive to the normal dose of Sencor. Alegria is best not planted in a cold soil due to slight sensitivity to Rhizoctonia. A double treatment of soil and seed potatoes is strongly recommended. In extreme drought prone soils and in the Mediterranean is watering recommended.


Advisory fee per Ha after soil analysis
Nitrogen: 160 to 200 kg
Phosphate: 80 to 100 kg
Potassium: 220 to 250 kg
Magnesium: 50 to 70 kg
Animal manure is not advised.

Plant, harvest and store

Alegria is best planted closely. For pot size 28/35: 75cm x 28cm & for pot size 35/50: 75cm x 32cm.
Alegria is very sensitive to mechanical damage and blue, but carefully grub is always the message. Alegria has a very good shelf life.

Color: Yellow
Maturity: 8: early, 7: medium early
Domancy: 7: long
Skin colour: g: yellow
Flesh colour: 7: fairly yellow
Tuber shape: o: oval
Shallowness of eyes: 8: shallow
Tuber Size: 7: large, 6: medium-sized
Yield (mature): 9: very high, 8: high
Dry matter content: 8: high
Cooking type: B: fairly firm
Suitable for: v: fresh consumption, f: french fries
Resistance leaf roll virus: r: resistant
Resistance virus Yn: r: resistant
Resistance phytophthora (leaf): 6: moderately resistant
Resistance phytophthora (tuber): 8: good resistance
Resistance potato cyst nematode Ro1 pathotype 1 of Globodera rostochiensis : 9: very good resistance
Resistance common scab: 7: fairly good resistance
Resistance internal bruising: 7: fairly good resistance